Thrive Guide

Many business have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, and government issued polices. The businesses that survived are holding on by a thread. This is why Coney Island Restaurant Equipment is now offering tips and advice and how to not only survive the pandemic, but THRIVE during the pandemic.

Event Domes

Igloo Tents

These event dome igloo tents are a great way to offer outdoor dining to your customers. Why lose customer capacity if you have the outdoor space, and if outdoor dining is allowed in your area? If you have the outdoor space this could be a very good solution for you. Check out our event domes here.


Food Delivery


Food apps are a great way to get more customers especially those customers who prefer contactless delivery. Not only will food apps increase your revenue, but you'll also be helping the economy, by creating more delivery jobs in your local community. Sign up to great food apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash, Ritual, Postmates, and much more and boost your sales today.


Open Up A

Drive Thru

Drive thru's are a great way to get customer rolling in to your foodservice business. Let your customers choose from an outdoor menu, install a speaker and microphone, put on your headset, and start earning more cash now. Consider this option if you are opening up a new location, or have an existing location with this option available.


Curbside Pickup

Many people today try to avoid as much contact as possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to respect our customers wishes and offer solutions to their problems. Curbside pickup is an excellent way to offer just that. Consider adding this option to your business if your have a parking lot. Curbside pickup will definitely increase your revenue from customers who prefer to pickup their food while staying in their cars.


Bulk Meal Boxes

Bulk meal boxes are a great and easy way to offer your delicious food to your customers. Although there is nothing like eating fresh hot food, people still enjoy eating boxed prepackaged foods. Consider this option if you are not able to offer indoor, or outdoor dining and watch your sales grow!

Advertise In Your Local Area

There is no better way to bring more attention to your business than with advertising. Ever heard of a successful business that made it without advertising? Probably not because we didn't hear of them. In business those who yell the loudest are the ones that make the most sales. People don't buy from people they trust; they buy from people they know. Getting attention is the #1 problem most businesses have in the world today. Consider advertising with third party companies such as Yelp, Google, your local paper, giving out flyers, etc.

Open Up A Food

Truck Business

Opening a food truck business are much more affordable then opening up a store front. With a food truck your expenses are much less then running a store front. With a food truck you don't have to pay rent. All you need to pay for is energy, food, and your food truck license. If business is slow in one area you have the option of moving to a more busier location, which you are unable to do if you have a store front. Some counties allow you to set up outdoor event igloo tents outside for outdoor dining. Consider this option if you are opening a new business, or considering to close your existing one.