4 Machines in one Capability!

Interchangeable head assemblies in either 36,18, 9 or 6-part divisions allow fast accurate scaling and rounding of dough in weights ranging from 1 ounce up to 26 ounces each piece.


36-part = 1 - 2-3/4 ounces each
18-part = 2 - 7 ounces each
9-part = 7 - 18 ounces each
6-part = 18 - 26 ounces each


When removed for cleaning or interchange (no tools required), the entire head assembly can be placed into a sink or dishwasher for complete cleaning to a sanitary operating condition in just minutes per day.

Capable of dividing and rounding many types of Yeast Raised Dough including Bread & Bun dough, Tortilla & Pizza dough.

Simple to operate - learn in just minutes!

Training Video & Manual are provided.

Two year warranty.

NSF, UL & cUL Listed



36-Part Head Assembly (P/N C4-436-0053), (2) 36-Part Dough Pallets, White Powder Coated Finish, 2-year warranty, Training Video, Manual, 208v / 60hz / 3-phase, 3/4 hp motor, 10 amps required.



120 or 240v / 60 hz / 1-phase, 1-hp or 460v / 60 hz / 3-phase (50 hz also available)
18-Part Head Assembly (P/N C4-436-0051) Includes two same division Dough Pallets.
9-Part Head Assembly (P/N C4-436-0049) Includes two same division Dough Pallets.
6-Part head Assembly (P/N C4-436-0055) Includes two same division Dough Pallets.


Profits can now be increased, by eliminating tedious hand scaling and rounding, with the larger division capability of 1-ounce up to 26-ounces, which the "Dutchess All-American" easily produces. Safety, attested to after having met all testing for listing by the Underwriters Laboratory


True Cleanability:

For the first time, cleaning is accomplished by simply removing, in seconds, the rounding head assembly, and washing as you would other bakery pans and utensils. Cleanability, attested to after having met all testing for listing by the National Sanitation Foundation



The Dutchess "All-American" Model JN after having passed rigid criteria, proudly boasts also of being USDA listed, which points out the Dutchess outstanding cleanability and construction features, attested to by the United States Dept. of Agriculture


Width 26 13/16“ (68.07 cm)
Depth 22” (55.88 cm)
Machine Height: (incl. handle) 81 1/4” (206.4 cm)
Shipping Weight 490 lbs.(220.5 kg)
Net Weight 449 lbs (202 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 28-1/4” x 25-1/2” x 66”


Two year parts & labor warranty!

New Dutchess JN Semi-Automatic Dough Divider/Rounder 1 ounce to 26 ounce

$12٬600٫00 سعر عادي
$9٬495٫00سعر البيع

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