Item description 


Product Information

6 m/20 ft in diameter

Usage Area:
28 m/304 sq ft

Frame Structure:
Galvanized Steel Pipe Q235 (Aluminum Pipe is optional).

PVC Fabric:
950g /m

PVC Color:

Wind load:
100 km/h (62 mph)

Snow load:
0.5k N/m (around 350mm)

Waterproof; Fire Retardant (DIN 4102 B1/M2); Shock Resistant; Stainless; Eco-friendly.

Package Information*

● Dome Frame

●  Transparent PVC cover

Shipping Information*

*The price listed is the FOB price. Before you take an order, please contact us to confirm the size, custom color/design, price, destination, etc! (Coney Island Restaurant Equipment delivers dome tents nationwide, please contact us about the shipping fee to your destination before taking an order.)

Export Port:
Guangzhou/Shenzhen, China

Lead Time:
Around 30 days.

Ample space. 5 m/16 ft geodesic dome houses provide guests with 12 m/135 sq ft space for glamping. With partition walls, guests can enjoy all the hotel-like comforts, including a bedroom, kitchen fittings, and a private bathroom.
Versatility. Glamping dome tents can perform as dwell tents, dining tents, lounge rooms, receptions, yoga domes, workshop tents, and many others.
Portability. Shelter Dome tents are portable prefab buildings. Dome owners can easily disassemble glamping tents in a short time and reassemble it again elsewhere.

New Event Dome Transparent Igloo For Restaurants & Bars (20 Feet)

$2٬995٫00 سعر عادي
$2٬695٫50سعر البيع

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