Garland / US Range M100XSM-NAT Details

Make your finest steaks more savory, your poultry more succulent, and perfectly broil your vegetables with the Garland M100XSM Master series natural gas heavy-duty upright infrared broiler with finishing oven and storage base! This unit uses (4)our 17,500 BTU infrared burners to quickly heat and sear foods while still achieving proper internal temperatures and preserving natural juices. To help you cook each dish to perfection, this broiler boasts a 3-position adjustable rack and two heat controls that let you adjust the left and right sides of the broiling chamber individually.

This unit also features a finishing oven above the broiling chamber, enabling you to put the final touches on steaks, melt cheese, and brown the tops of casseroles. In lieu of a standard oven, it features a storage base to keep spare kitchen tools and other items close at hand!

A grease container collects excess grease from the broiling chamber, and it is located outside the heat zone to reduce splatters and smoking during operation. The broiler grid is also removable for easy cleaning.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 34"
Front to Back: 38"
Height: 72 1/8"

New Garland M100XSM Heavy Duty Upright Infared Broiler With Oven 70K BTU

$11٬064٫00 سعر عادي
$9٬957٫60سعر البيع

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