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Cut, mix, blend, and knead a wide variety of ingredients with this Hobart HCM450-3 vertical food processor! Capable of accommodating up to 45 qt. of product in its stainless steel bowl, the unit uses its 2 cut/mix knives and knead /mix to process dough, batter, and other delicious works-in-progress. To make product removal an easy and neat process, the bowl features a pouring lip and tilts to a 90 degree angle.

Other than performance, the food processor is designed for durability and safety, ensuring that your operation receives only the highest quality machine. The steel base is finished with epoxy enamel, and the bowl support bar and mixing baffle are made of stainless steel. The unit's featured polycarbonate bowl cover is designed with clear lexan too, sealing in ingredients and preventing spills while eliminating the need for a gasket, which must be regularly replaced. Plus, the support bar is counterbalanced for proper handling. The mixing baffle, featuring a convenient pour-through center shaft, accepts liquid products during the unit's operation; the cover remains closed to prevent a mess.

Operation of the processor is made easy by the stop/start push buttons and handy 5 minute timer. For protection, the controls are housed behind a enclosure made of reinforced polyester that's high impact resistant. The buttons are also sealed and washable. The timer provides operation flexibility, which is perfect for achieving product consistency. A "hold" and a "jog" mode are integrated, making it a piece of cake to customize operation to suit your needs.

To ensure the safety of your kitchen staff, the unit features safety interlocks, preventing operation in potentially dangerous situations. For example, the bowl cover must be closed and secured for the unit to operate. Similarly, the processor will stop operating if the bowl tilts more than 20 degrees.

For your convenience, a polypropylene strainer basket is included. This vertical food processor requires a 460V 3 phase electrical connection for operation.

Overall Product Dimensions:
Width: 36 1/8"
Depth: 21 1/2"
Height (open): 62 1/2"
Height (closed): 42 1/4"

Product Specifications

36 1/8 Inches
21 1/2 Inches
Height (closed)
42 1/4 Inches
Height (open)
62 1/2 Inches
60 Hertz
3 Phase
460 Volts
45 qt.
5 HP
Made in America
NSF Listed
Number of Discs / Blades Included
Power Type
Vertical Cutter Mixers

New Hobart HCM450-3 45 Qt. Vertical Cutter / Mixer with Knife & Knead Attachment

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