Kit Includes:

48" Long Gas Hose, 3/4" Diameter

Quick Disconnect

Full Port Gas Valve

Restraining Cable with Hardware

(2) 90° Elbows
Gas Hose Benefits:

Stainless Steel corrugated tubing built to be flexible for easy installation

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel radial wrap prevents hose from stretching

PVC protective coating with antimicrobial agent for easy cleaning

Welded construction for added durability
Product Certifications:

ANSI Z21.69/CSA6.16 - Connectors for Moveable Gas Appliances

ANSI Z21.41/CSA6.9 - Quick Disconnect Devices for Use with Gas Fuel Appliances

New Krowne M7548K Royal Series 3/4" Flexible Gas Hose Kit With Quick Disconnect

$161٫00 سعر عادي
$139٫00سعر البيع

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