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Modern Container Cafe Concept
Foodservice / Restaurant / Cafe / Bar

Looking to start a fresh new modern cafe? Our container cafe concept are the new modern way to do business in the restaurant industry. These containers draw in a lot of traffic due to their fresh modern design. Each container concept is custom made to your needs. Price ranges anywhere from $100,000 - $250,000 depending on what customizations and add on's you wish to add to your container concept design. Lead times can generally take about 9 months to a year to complete each job. Take a look at some designs below to get an idea of what type of container concepts we offer. If you find a design you like, please send us an email with your request and your information, and we will have one of our specialists reach out to you with more accurate lead times, and pricing.


Container Cafe Concept #1


Container Cafe Concept #2


Container Cafe Concept #3


Container Cafe Concept #4


Container Cafe Concept #5


Container Cafe Concept #6


Container Cafe Concept #7


Container Cafe Concept #8


Container Cafe Concept #9

Send us an email describing in detail what type of Container Restaurant Cafe Concept you would like to purchase. You may call, or stop by our Full Service Solutions Center at our Jacksonville, FL location to discuss your next project. Prices vary based on each custom made project and design.

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